Quilts By Kate
memories you can cuddle up with
Quilts By Kate turns your memories into keepsakes. T-shirts, neckties and other fabric items that hold special memories can be turned into a one-of-a-kind quilt that you will cherish forever.
e-mail Kate at kate@quiltsbykate.com for more information or to preserve your memories
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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I order?

To order a T-Shirt Quilt, or to get more information, email me at [email protected].

What does it cost?

It depends. For T-Shirt Quilts:

  • 9-square Lap T-Shirt Quilt - $110.00
    (measures approximately 42"x42")
  • 16-square Lap T-Shirt Quilt - $150.00
    (measures approximately 56" x 56")
  • 20-square Couch T-Shirt Quilt - $200.00
    (measures approximately 56" x 70")
  • 25-square Twin Bed T-Shirt Quilt - $250.00
    (measures approximately 70" x 70")

For any other type of quilt it will depend on the material, the size and the timeline.

The cost of shipping to me is not included in the above pricing. The cost of shipping a quilt home is included in the above pricing.

Each square usually measures approximately 12".

Children's t-shirts will differ.

What types of t-shirts can I use?

Small, Medium, Large, Extra-large, XXL and XXXL are all acceptable.

You provide the t-shirts, I provide the fleece and finished product. All Quilts By Kate™ are made by hand! Every once in a while I need to make an exception to this rule and use the sewing machine, but for the most part everything is done by hand.

Please note: Once the t-shirts have been assembled into a quilt, they will no longer be usable as t-shirts.

How is the quilt made?

I use 100% cotton thread and a backstitch in the composition of the quilt itself, and special quilting thread for the detailed work.

How long does it take to make a quilt?

Each t-shirt quilt takes between four to six weeks from start to finish. Quilts needed in less than four weeks are subject to a "rush" fee.

How Much Are Necktie and Wedding Dress Quilts?

It all depends on how big you want the quilt to be. Lap quilts (60" x 60") start at $450. As we go bigger (twin, queen, etc.), the price goes up. Most wedding dress quilts won't go much bigger because there simply isn't enough usable fabric unless the train is very long. If you want to add in a bridesmaid's dress or two that makes it a lot easier to go big, but for the most part you're looking at a lap quilt.

How many neckties do you need for a lap quilt?

A lot. At least two or three paper grocery bags worth.

Can you use any other kinds of fabric?

Yes. I've worked with baby clothes, cotton button-down shirts, even boxer shorts (if you can believe it). If you've got a memory associated with something and you want to turn it into a quilt I'll give you my candid opinion on what your options are, even if you later decide to hold off or go another route.

What about bags and pillows?

Bags and pillows are each $100 and usually need 5-6 neckties apiece, plus two more for the bag's handles.

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e-mail Kate at [email protected] for more information or to preserve your memories